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Playtime Outside!

Playtime Outside!

Time to read ... Everybody focus!!

Time to read ... Everybody focus!!

Below is a list of some of Tasha's Daycare's growth activities.

Group interactive reading - As Tasha reads books, the children are encouraged to participate in the magic of the story!

Individual book time - The children are able to choose a book or two and can sit down and read, look at pictures, and imagine the story on the pages!

Weekly Theme - Every week is a new theme to learn. Themes can include things like letters, numbers, animals, body parts, tools, or many other items that the children see and recognize. (Example: This week can be Airplanes. All week the children see and learn from pictures of different kinds of airplanes, they will also color airplanes during the coloring activity)

Coloring Activity - The children color pages that represent the weeks theme. (Example: This week is the letter "T" so the coloring activity may have a picture of a Truck)

Dancing - The children get to learn motor skills with fun dancing time.  We listen to Oldies, Classical, and children's music!

Free Play - The children are encouraged to learn sharing during play time.  There are safe toys of all kinds!

Music lessons/play - The children are able to play with only musical instruments. We have pianos, tambourines, bells, and drums.

Singing - Tasha and the children sing interactive songs.  The children all participate in story songs like "The wheels on the bus" and "Old McDonald had a farm.

Outside time - The children get to play with outside toys in our lush backyard grass.

Naptime - Naptime is an important time for growing children.  Naptime is everyday at about Noon.  Lunch is fed, then a  short 30 minute cartoon to start quiet time, followed by naptime! (Usually 1 -2 hour naps)

Days will will be scheduled to provide education, growth, and good behavior.     

* Schedules will differ for different age groups, as well as the daily changes!